What does the term ‘solution’ mean?

The easier way to get different compounds interacting between them is to mix two or more substances allowing direct contact of every molecule of one type with molecules of a different type. This mixture is known as a ‘solution’.

• A solution is a mixture where you get a complete contact (molecule A-molecule B) between two or more different substances.

That is, when you have practically no contacts between molecules of the same substance (aggregates).

There are two terms that you should know: solute and solvent. The definition is very simple:

Solvent is the substance of the mixture that is found in greater quantity. The other or others are solutes.

You can get solutions of two solids, solid and liquid, etc., but solutions resulting in liquid or gaseous mixtures are more useful for chemists. Chemical interactions are much efficient in these fluid mixtures.

Although any type of homogeneous mixture is considered a solution, when one use this term normally refers to one specific type: solid or liquid solute in a liquid solvent.

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